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The Perfect Place for an All Boy or All Girl Group to Take Time Out from Work, Family, Stresses and Life

EagleViewPark on the South Cost of NSW, near Berry

The perfect place for an All Boy or an All Girl group to take time out for a mini escape, yoga retreat or team bonding session, from work, family stresses & life!!

During August we hosted a yoga retreat for a group of 12 women living the busy lives of working mums. In their down time they took the opportunity to sit quietly by the pool, have a massage, sleep, or read. So peaceful, no demands, no driving around, no shopping, no cooking, no mum, just stillness.

October saw us hosting a Corporate Team Bonding overnight session (out sourcing some of the accommodation to near by properties ) we catered all meals for a group of 24 “IT specialists” firstly a picnic lunch eaten after a walk to the drawing room rocks, bush walk  on Woodhill Mountain near Berry NSW. This was followed up with a 3 course FarmTable Dinner cooked by chef Brendan Cato then the following day day with a spit roasted local foxground Ewe and salads for lunch.
Some of the boys were hard to dig out of their beds as the opportunity to have a kid free “sleep in” was tooooooo good to miss.

Now in November we gave over The House & The GateHouse to another all male group that had negotiated a 4 day stay and consisted of 12, 30 something’s most with busy work lives, young demanding kids and all great friends, taking. The somewhat stormy overcast weather didn’t stop them from using the pool and cooking up a few feasts with access to our vegetable garden, one of the boys was a chef, while another a wine consultant. Yet another pulled the blanket over his head and said ” don’t wake me, I just want some poke free sleeping time. I do think they will be back! En famille or just the boys again, time will tell.